ELITE Smart Chart

Smart Chart ELITE, dapat digunakan pada semua monitor PC atau TV apa saja yang ada input VGA atau HDMI

Harga SPESIAL hanya Rp. 4 jt
Harga tidak termasuk monitor, khusus untuk pembayaran dimuka via transfer ke BCA 106 300 8803 dan info dikirimkan ke email contact kami atau melalui sms ke :
+62 81 11 90 70 84

I'm Elite

Ultra Q reflex

Don’t let floaters cloud your vision

A pain-free, non-invasive laser procedure, laser vitreolysis can provide much-needed relief from your eye floaters – and help you take back your quality of vision. If you or someone close to you suffers from eye floaters, be sure to explore all of your treatment options. Ask your ophthalmologist about laser vitreolysis.

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Amaris 1050RS

Active 7D eye tracking

The 7D active eye tracker impresses through a number of benefits: Apart from the linear movements (1st and 2nd dimensions) it compensates rolling movements of the eye (3rd and 4th dimensions). Compensation of the eye’s rotation around its optical axis is achieved with the static and dynamic Advanced Cyclotorsion Control (5th dimension). Movements along the z-axis (sixth dimension) are actively compensated by means of the z-tracking. Automatic pupil size control and pupil centroid shift compensation ensure additional safety.

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